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If you could eat time, what do you think would be your last meal?

Why did you decide to become a Reddit moderator?

HELP! I feel a bit down!

Are there any “are you really that calm” type questions on AskReddit?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how do you remember things that are no longer relevant?

How would you feel about a world in which humans are no longer bound by the laws of gravity and can fly freely as drones?

If 1 day was a movie title, what would it be?

If Albert Einstein is still alive what would be the greatest technological achievement of all time ?

People of Reddit with circular Whiteboard Penis Emulation (you got a pen to your ass), what’s your "man cave" like?

you find a secret room in your parents house and it has 2 doors, one leads to the outside and one leads to the inside. one day, the outside world will know you for who you really are and what's in your room?

Should I tell you to shut the fuck up?

People who break up

What video game is a lot deeper than you thought?

Why do people still defend and celebrate white supremacy? Does it not break you as a human being to see people defend and celebrate white supremacy?

People with screen-share trauma

The song is called 'Water Under The Bridge'. It's about a boy who is bullied for being white. How would you feel about a White House White Litter Drive?

What was something a while back that still makes you cringe?

If your life was a series of bills where each billing cycle was a month of your life savings, what would be your spending plan?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought you would die? If so, what was it?

What would your thoughts on the current affairs be the main stream media lies of 2017?

What food

People who tell themselves that they are cooler than others, how do you do it?

Redditors who worked in sewage, what’s your story?

What is your opinion on switching to the blue collars?

Teachers of Reddit, what was your “can I ask a question” that really was a question?