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What would be a good way to help the homeless?

What is the most interesting, eye-opening, mind-blowing, or otherwise mind-blowing fact about the human body that people still don't know?

What are some pretty amazing coincidences or events that are definitely caused by supernatural intervention?

Your lover is now your enemy, what motion would you make to take their mind off of what they did?

To those of you who say "make America great again," do you actually do it? Why or why not?

If someone offered you 5 million dollars but you have a choice between eating ass or licking ass what would you choose?

What other sci-fi movie would've used a different technology?

What would $100 be worth to you?

Redditors of Reddit, what is your Dad's reasoning for making a sandwich that looks like a sandwich but has half of it's contents hidden inside?

Guys, I took amazing pictures of you masturbating to porn, but after a while it got blurry and all I can do is dim the lights and go back to sleep. What do you guys think?

What is something you've done or seen someone else do that hurt you?

Many Redditors can relate to the haters. So why do so many of you relive the good times in your past lives?

Have you ever been so good at something that the entire world thought you were terrible at it? What was that experience like?

What is something negative that your parents have said about you that

I accidentally posted a kink to /r/askreddit. Do you think I'm a terrible person?

What do you think is the most badass thing a hunter has ever done?

What’s your worst memory from the 1990's?

People with axes to grind, what are you doing to prepare for Thanksgiving?

What is the most plausible explanation for why the earth is so overpopulated with fat people?

People who were friends with Luke Skywalker and enjoyed his company, how did it go for you?

Girls of reddit, what’s one thing that guys really don’t realize is natural?

How do you guys feel about a  reddit post asking "what would you do if your nipples had tiny little hands on them" that got thousands of upvotes but no comments?

How to start winning friends and family over?

Girls of Reddit how do you deal with the creepy man?

What games are underrated, but must be played with a solid mind to appreciate them?