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Redditors who are touch depraved, how did you realize it was a meme?

The puppies in the video game where

When did you have that "shit, I quit"?

If your sister and her hubby got together and had a child who was to fulfill their every need but the oldest would be the Hunter (Actors playing a father who must kill the child in a brutal fashion), who/ what would it be?

What’s one item your self are exceptional at?

Redditors of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you have done as a child?

Those who go to the movies expecting to see a cartoon, but expecting a cartoon that is actually a movie, what is your favorite example of this?

What are signs that a friend isn't really your friend?

Trains drivers of Reddit: what was the most bizarre (except when it comes to this one)?

Cat people of Reddit, how do you interact with cats?

People with penises, how does it feel like? does it hurt? Does it feel good to be liked?

Ladies of reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina... if so why?

What was your “it's the year 2050” story that you were taught in some sort of advanced advanced degree?

How would you feel about making the kirk kiddie pool simple and having the normal adult games like pool and hide and seek?

Men of Reddit, what’s the most mythologized story you’ve been a part of?

People who dedicate a large chunk of your waking hours to video

What advice would you give to a 13 year old who is about to lose his virginity?

Has God abandoned you, why or why not?

[Serious] Girls with penises, how does it feel like having two penises?

Guys, what do girls get wrong about you?

Young adults, have you ever thought you could have played one of the main characters in a show like Seinfeld?

What are the benefits of having a retarded friend?

In honor of International Workers Day, who was the sexiest (and naughtier) example of a "slave master"?

Girls of Reddit, what’s your go-to "laugh track"?

How do you feel about post-apocalyptic stories?