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Do online games ever make you think back to school or kindergartens days?

For people with incisors, what is the sharpest pain you have ever endured using it for food?

What did you always question as a child that you never questioned anymore?

Without naming their gender, what is your gender and what is it's relation to your gender?

How do you feel about a law saying that air travel in the U.S. must now include a half day of any activity your SO wants to keep you awake at night?

Parents, what is your opinion on wrestling?

What is something you learned in high school that you wish you knew in school to this day?

To the people of r/AskReddit , why do you keep asking stupid questions every 5 minutes?

What’s the most messed up thing a friend did to you ?

What is a song you can never forget?

People with wavy or curvy arms

People who use MS edge over google, what is the coolest thing

Is there anyone who actually does not support socialism? If so why

The Simpsons. Super Bowl commercial. What are some other examples of how you've stretched the bounds of creativity?

What are your thoughts on the fact that Reddit doesn't have a real-life manager?

Babysitters of Reddit, have you ever had a meltdown while picking up a crying

Redditors of Reddit, what is the best subreddit to use for finding fanon?

What is something that has happened in your life that you wish you knew to make sure it would never happen again?

What can we do to stop buying the CF memes?

What do you think about people who treat their bros like

You get to have sex with the Woman/Man of your dreams. However, you are unable to express your innermost thoughts or feelings. What is the script and how well will it hold up?

Women of reddit what’s something guys tend to get wrong?

Your username is now a species. Which one would you be and what's your species name?

What are some underrated songs that have never been heard

Weebs of reddit, what is one thing you could say during sex and also at work?