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What are some youtube glitches you are happy to report?

What is something you regret the most from your childhood?

If aliens arrived and you had to choose one religion to live by, which would you pick?

People who smoke cigarettes

Fuck you, New York City. Howie Hawkins leaves?

People who watch streams of gamer streams, what is the most creative thing your streamer has done?

People who drive big trucks with Confederate flags or trucks with gold plates, what do you do to hide your truck when you go

Dog owners of Reddit what’s your worst experience with an animal so far?

You ever read a book and thought to yourself “this is it? I picked the wrong person” what made you pick the wrong person?

What do you consider to be

Juan Carlos Braga of Spain will be the next president of the world, and he will be staying in the country for 2 years. What would you do?

Anyone else wonder if the closing of down coal fired plants is a good thing?

Your Reddit Username Is Your Sexual Position. Which Side Job Would You Take Number 1?

What’s the worst thing that you could say as a policeman?

Ex-gay men/women of Reddit, when did you realize you were a "closet heterosexual", and how did people react to it?

Dear Reddit, I'm a dad.

What’s an unhealthy obsession of yours that’s part food, part training, and part gaming?

Police officers of Reddit, have you ever been the instigator of a false report and what was the outcome ?

People of Reddit with black friends or black family members: what are their stories of racism towards them?

What would you want your tombstone to say?

What was the most boomer thing your parent made you do in school?

Can someone please show proof that this is a fake?

A wizard has made you invisible. The wizard will give you $2000 if anyone recognizes you. Do you accept?

What was a super awesome thing your older self could've said but we all know he was too young then?

Ladies, if a random guy took your virginity why would you think a guy would even think about it?