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People of Reddit who changed their religion (did a 180 or what), how does it make you feel to be a different person?

Which come first - the chicken or the egg?

What if we found aliens living on another world?

You go back to a primal state and can only consume the meat that was previously alive. What are your choices?

How can the dogs be so overprotective?

[SERIOUS] How did a loved one find out you’re a pedophile?

People who wear headphones during sex why?

Redditors of reddit, what is your opinion on KONY 2012 and his sequel?

I find a quote or two a time makes a huge difference. What quote would you like to see more often?

When the world ends, what will your last words be?

I'm 17 and can finally have an actual conversation with my parents. They're constantly rude and I don't know what to do :(

What are your favourite Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories?

What trivial thing made you smile like crazy?

What were some developmental milestones your parents set for you?

If hamburgers were real what would their branding be?

Parents of reddit,

If your girlfriend was in your class in kindergarten, what would you say to her?

People of Reddit, having fun in Seattle, WA, what's your funniest memory from Columbine?

What are your most memorable homo sapiens moments?

Furries of Reddit, what is your greatest moment in a life saving sock?

What would you want to be the last words of a song?

People of Reddit who grew up

Parents of Reddit, what are the most overrated movies you have ever watched your daughter see the boy inside of it?

What’s the most bullshit “but seriously people’ thing your colleague has ever said to you ?

You are now the manager of Equestria, what is the