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[Serious] What is something that everyone is secretly afraid of?

Theresa May has been accused of wanting to 'exterminate' the British people for being democratically elected. How do you feel about this allegation and your response?

People who jump on reddit and upvote a post, why?

People who destroy books, what is your crime?

Girls of Reddit, what is a guy's best sex advice?

What famous person are you looking to have sex with in the future?

My brother and my mom are in a serious relationship and i need some advice

What’s something that is 'ok' in theory but 'bad' in practice?

What's your favorite weed strain?

Without naming it, what is your country's national flower?

"Game of Thrones" is one of those shows that everyone loves but the REALITY is EXTREMELY different

If your life was a movie and the title was a song, what would the movie title be?

Men of Reddit, what's the most blatant way a girl has made you feel special?

Redditors, what is your opinion on cucks?

What do you think of Donald Trump as a human being?

People who blow hot inside. Why?

What do you do if a crush comes along that you can't stand?

What if being gay is normal and cute?

Anyone else wonder if we will ever see a "Red Dawn" apocalypse?

Fracture heal 1d20 wounds; perform one melee attack; save halves damage; Only one fracture can be healed in this manner; 1d4 hours; 50gp

People with penises and people who have penises: how different is it than having a pubic hair cut and how different is it compared to the male equivalent of a haircut?

What is the best memory from your childhood?

Kevin can you give me a juggling gift?

Women of Reddit, what is the best way a boyfriend could comfort you when you feel down?

Redditors who moved to OH so you can vote for Trump in 2020, why did you do it?