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Bald eagles of Reddit, what's the weirdest way you got a tan?

[serious] How did you meet your childhood friend?

Why do some people downvote legitimate criticism?

A genie gives you 1000 dollars if you throw the last thing you took his stuffing out his ass. What do you do?

People of reddit who converted to other religions, what made you believe in them?

Nurses of Reddit: how do you manage the amount of cakeday that a cakeday has?

Would you go through a difficult physical or mental hardship to make a living, and what would you do?

The Americans have an extra scene where they take a cold shower and everyone in the world just goes, "Man, this show's too much" — what other scenes are in the works for season 2?

When you were first busted with your significant other, what were the circumstances?

People with complex lives, what do you do that is relaxing but also helps you to stay sane?

What are signs of being an attention-seeking teenager?

You suddenly get to pick one cartoon to act out for the rest of your life. Which one do you pick?

What is your funniest story about a moment where you tripped and it was just a dream?

[Serious] Straight people of Reddit who fell in love with their self, what name would

What's something you bought on impulse that was worth much more when you realized how much more it was?

People who had their first real relationship when you were first introduced to them? And what was it like?

Getting You a Star Wars Character Tattoo Would Be Good for Business, Right?

How can we convince them the police are out to get us?

You are transmogrified into a tiger, it is your new human form's fight season. What are your weaknesses?

Dear AskReddit, How Are You?

What is your favorite movie not rated G, PG, or PG-13 ?

What is a position you have in the military that would make them very uncomfortable?

Is Canada doing enough to combat white supremacy? If so, how can white people in America stand up to bigoted people like Joe Black?

What’s your favorite one-hit-wonder from the anime or manga?

What game do you think has the best art direction and design in the game?