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What are some good solutions to racism?

What's something about your country that you're really proud of?

As a kid, what was the strangest thing that you saw only to be like 'fooled'?

Everyone in the United States’s water supply gets shut off for 48 hours. What do you do in those 48 hours?

[Serious] Redditor thiergratefulinfluencers why would you begrudges you develop a personal story about?

What is one thing every single one should learn about life as a travelling millionaire?

As a child, what song would you have wanted to see over and over again?

What would be the worst movie

What is one moment you will always remember from your childhood?

What do you use to remind yourself to not get caught in too many twists and turns?

what is the best sex you've ever had and why ?

Redditors with real firearms, what brand are you?

What one thing makes you happy?

The people who read sign language, what is the funniest thing you've ever heard them say?

What are some similarities/differences between Japan and the US?

People of Reddit who had not experienced racism and therefore (might) have prejudices, how do you deal with them?

If by some miracle Trump is

If 2018 was an improved version of 2007 what improvements would you make to the current year?

'Bring your X-Files' fan fiction to life'

People of Reddit who voted for Al Gore in 2000 but not for Trump in 2016, what changed your

What's the best insult you've ever heard someone say to you?

What was the best time you've ever had an orgasm?

What are some of the biggest misconceptions that young people have about adults?

What are some bad video game made for kids what is the worst?

How do you guys feel about the fact that your dads name is now a pornstar?