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[Serious] Why do most people feel that the rich and famous people in the West always stole something from the poor and powerless, no matter what? Why?

People who have dated a celebrity, what was their interaction like?

If you went back and added just one song to the playlist, what would it be?

Teachers of Reddit, what was the most bizarre lesson you've ever had to teach?

Which famous person do you feel sympathy for?

What's something positive that Mike Bloomberg has done as mayor of New York City?

What’s something you can say both at work and at a family dinner?

Dollars and Sense, what is the worst way you've ever played with money?

What are signs of growth spurt potential for the rest of your life?

What’s something you can share with a crowd of 20?

What's the most absurd thing you've heard a

What does it feel like to be number 1 on Reddit?


Kpop stans of reddit, what is one thing a huge kebab could give you that would make you the happiest for the rest of your life?

[Serious] People who were the actual cause of the death of someone close family member, how was that experience?

Elena Komić-Djakovic, Kacper Pempel, Paul Revere, Flints, Jones, Jordan, et al. Who are some of today's youth that need a hero/a reason to exist?

You are about to become a public speaker, what topic would you like to start talking about?

Do you like K-pop?

Redditors who accept the bath without scrubbing first, why?

Trump supporters of reddit, what’s one positive he's done for you in terms of policy?

What are some subtle ways in a friend request to get them to do something ?

What is the most creative insult you've ever heard ?

Marry the one you love, but don't rush it. What other ideas do you have?

What’s the best book ever written for a child?

What was something your parents told you as a kid that actually turned out to be true?