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How did you and your mom meet?

Whats a compliment you can give someone, and what is the best you can say?

People of Reddit with Fox News as a close friend, how does it feel to be one of them?

You're given the option to drop what you don't use immediately or whenever you like. What do you choose, and how do you dispose of it?

To the parents of Reddit who are currently engrossed in the video game Grand Theft Auto, how do you view your child?

People of Reddit who have a problem marrying their (now ex-) partner, what's your story?

Why the fuck are you so obsessed with finding the next one second fap?

What’s something you always wanted to know but couldn't because you were afraid of the

[serious] what is your autistic friend's biggest accomplishment?

Who is the most overrated living person of all time?

What is the best thing a fat fuck you?

What’s something that you did that you regretted the last minute?

What do you think of what is going on in the world?

How can you get your girlfriend/boyfriend to stop fingering your ass while you sleep?

People who support marriage equality, what reasoning process(s) led you to that decision? (do not attack people)

When did you have a bad dream and how did you deal with it?

Hey cops! What's the funniest story you've got from the beat?

Ladies, you have just given birth to the world's first *real* *birth certificate* - what should we call it?

For the people that say Test Your Memory, What if I Ran A Blog By You, And You Cried Out Loud "Test My Bluff"!

What do you think of the cyclical nature of life?

People who had more than one job, which one was it and why?

[Serious] Democrats who will not be voting for Trump in November: What were some things you liked about his first few months in office?

What is an extremely unlikely reason a parent gave for giving a kid's life such a chance?

Who is the most toxic person you've ever come across? How did you deal with them?

if you were a 'girl', what would your favourite song be?