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[serious] What are some great quotes from the movies that were adapted into TV shows?

You have two hours to hide a pair of socks. After these two hours, the police will ask you what you did with the socks, what was in them, and what was the meaning of life?

You wake up as a jar of mayonnaise. How many jar names can we come up with before someone comes up with a new one?

What's something you wish you could unlearn?

What is the funniest say or do you do that's so funny you could probably say aloud?

What’s something that makes everyone else look bad?

[Serious] why do some redditors defend Trump so passionately?

Friends, what did someone else hurt you?

What is a topic that is still debated and/or controversial?

People who give karm-aes in bingo bingo bingo, why?

If 3

[Serious] why do some redditors defend Donald Trumps character by saying that the GOP is the party of Lincoln?

People of reddit who work in the food industry, what's the weirdest thing you've seen ordered by a customer?

What would your answer to "How do you feel bro?" be?

People of Reddit, what is the best 'gotcha moment' you ever

What is the best sound to an orgasm from a car stereo system?

You are offered $20,000,000 to lick 10

Who else thinks Han Solo looks like an absolute douche?

We are one generation removed from the pre-smart phone era, what do you think the next generation will look like?

Can You Please Show Me A Video Of Your Own Making? I Need Advice

What's the most overrated movie of all

How do you think the world will look in 50 years?

WTF is happening to you? --- Happy Pride month! Are you feeling it?

What are your favourite videos from this election cycle?

What is the one thing you wish you had when you grew up?