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If you could pick one book that would explain to someone what it's like to be in the WH; what would you pick?

Redditors with whotscism issues. How do you manage your depression and anxiousness?

Your Reddit Username Is Your Sex Life. How'd

What's a great movie that was bad enough before?

What would be the worst fictional death that you can imagine?

What's the most inspirational thing you've heard?

What's something you own that isn’t technically a gadget but nevertheless is useful to you?

In all seriousness, why would you (or a group of you) support Trump or ANYONE else with a coin?

What is something you will NEVER do again and again?

What are some of the most interesting “how'd you do it” questions you have?

What was the most blatant lie you ever heard a Karen tell?

Vegans of Reddit, when did you first experience a "thing" like a "veg

Doctors, whats it like treating sick people? Do you ever have to perform surgery and what was the experience like?

How would you feel about a ban on "How would you feel about banning 'how would you feel about' questions?" questions?

What's the reason guys get so aroused when you stare at them?

You wake up 5 minutes late for work. You could make 3 $100,000,000 dollars in 20 minutes. Would you do it? Why or why not?

[Serious] If you were a frog what would your name be?

What is a weird habit you've picked up over the years?

What were you thinking when you were in quarantine?

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In which world are you from?

Furries of Reddit: Are you part of the anime or manga communities, if so why?

You're having sex and the person after you keeps on talking about the bunny hole and you can't hear what he's saying. What song is it?

How would you feel about a make over of America's national anthem to be about family, history, and Christian values?

You have 1 hour to hide a room from the police. Your plan is to keep the entire city from knowledge, but your reward is if police find the room within 7 days, you will be the biggest fucking hero. What do you do?