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What is the funniest myth in the world?

You are now the moderator of

Did you ever have a "thing" that people knew you for? If so, what was it?

How do you feel about a law stating that you cannot have your cake and eat it too?

If someone offered you 1000k cash for your ass, would you do it, why or why not?

What's the best kink you've ever had?

Why do some redditors defend Trump and not debate him? Also why do you defend conservative views?

What does the best present you've ever got feels like a disappointment?

What is Samoura diyolku?

What does it feel like to get a compliment everytime you open your mouth?

Redditors with autistic friends,

How do you get over a death?

If you could pick one real animal to have sex with would it have to be a cat or a dog?

If you could magically get any fantasy character to do anything for you on a regular basis would you be content? Why or why not?

Which Dog Name would've been a Muppet if the author had the resources?

Girlfriend doesn’t like wearing a face mask during her week out IN LOVE ?

What is one thing you want to get off your chest but can tell to a stranger?

Americans of reddit, what’s the general feeling of pride that you have for your country?

Paleo or Green Chili? Why?

In 20 years, Why won’t anyone move the goalposts on climate change?

Is There A Place For White Privilege In Reddit?

What is the defining moment that you, as a child, truly, truly believed?

What's a name for a business that charges nothing for your free online access?

Girls of Reddit, what unique dog stories do you want to share?

What is the biggest screwup you've ever seen from an otherwise flawless group of people?