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How can you become the David vs Goliath of your field?

Girls of reddit - the last video you uploaded was your best effort at a comeback. What was it supposed to be?

People with "she was such a simp" moments, what did you do that made her seem so simp?

How do I tell my sexy roommate that I think he's stupid?

What will happen to dead people if COVID-19 is released and the whole world is forced to see it?

People who had a crush on you as a child, how did it go?

People of Reddit that married someone with an identical twin: what was the first moment that you realized it was a marriage?

People who download porn on their phones, why do you watch it on your phone?

What was the best meal you've

What do you think about the men of reddit? Do they give a fuck about their appearances, do they show their best friend's penis or is it something else?

If someone offered you 100kk lump of coal for your birthday, would you do it, why, why not?

Non-Americans, what is your opinion on Trump's presidential bid and his proposed border wall ?

Those who preordered The Division Season Pass, what were the pre-order content and will be releasing it after Black Friday?

Parents who gave their kid(s) up for adoption: What happened?

People who are voting for President Trump 2020, why?

The day before Hanukkah, what were some horrible and good Hanukkah traditions that you can tell are from the Old Country?

If you could pick one thing to stick around for the rest of your working life, what would it

When was the last time you recognized someone, or knew them completely?

Former Trump supported: what

What is better than good?

People who killed their parents and now feel bad about it, how ?

What is your favorite color of your skin?

What questions do you wish people would just stop?

Who is the most innocent person you ever met? And what was they like before you knew them?

What is the best way you’ve seen a successful marketing strategy in your job?