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The 13 year old girl who became my girlfriend is in the hospital and I can not come to visit her as I fear for my life. What should i do for her?

If you were about to have sex with the main character of the last tv show you watched, who would it be?

Cops of Reddit, how do you feel about video games and cars?

What's something you don't like about your childhood?

What are some unique advantages to having a children born to you

When the videos of the friends being super weird are all over the place what should be there?

What’s the most fucked up thing your parent/teacher made you do in school?

What are the differences between yourself and a Buddhist?

Blind People of Reddit, How has your life changed since you lost your sight?

What scene was perfect from the first episode but completely ruined by the second?

What are some stories that are far from the truth?

If you could go back and forth in the outside world with anyone from any country in the entire world, who would it be and why?

People who decided to start a blog, why did you start a blog?

What news would you tell a 14 year old boy who is about to meet his 16 year old girlfriend?

You are sent back to the day the titanic set sail with nothing but a 3rd class ticket (and food water ect) your task is to stop the titanic from sinking where do you go?

Someone once said “there are two kinds of men’ and “there are only two kinds of people’. Which one do you think we end up with?

If your life was a novel, what would be the name of the upcoming chapter?

The average person has about 6200 photos and 6200 videos on their phone, so how would you find the balance between those two?

What foods did you love as kid

People who are racist, why?

If someone offered you $1 million to watch one movie for 48 hours straight, what would you do?

What if we're all a bit racist?

People who have officially become retrograde, how?

People of Reddit, what product/thing would you take home if someone

Who is the most vicious abuser you have ever met? How did you know they were a fling?