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What does it mean to be 2,000 days in April?


People who drink milk at breakfast, why?

Why does /r/anarchy have mods?

you accidentally lost your virginity to your class mate(s)/s bros sis etc? (Serious)

What's the best anal sex advice you've ever received?

Blizzard announces it will be opening up a world of 7 Billion players by 2020... what plot holes does that leave?

Why is it that Reddit will not let me go back to a neutral position on any question?

Doctors, whats the funniest story you've heard about a patient who got an actual medical problem?

Is it true that you only date girls/women who smile/talk in a friendly manner or are there other guys?

Did you know Native Americans have four fingers on each hand and can type with them?

Why do some guys keep asking for the "real" story of why they are the way they are?

Adults of Reddit, what’s your wife's’s least favorite thing?

Redditors with less than a year left to live, what's your last straw?

People with emus and how do you deal with them?

Can someone from USA create a knock-off of this year's "Game of Thrones" television show and market it as an openly racist show?

The Wii U gamepad has an option to hide the top half of the screen behind the second screen. What would you do with that screen real estate?

You're having sex with the same karaoke character for a million dollars, but instead of singing along with every word of what the other character says, you jam your voice through the mic. What song do you choose?

Are there any other Redditors who don't like NEET-ism?

What would you do if you were dating a celebrity?

People who donate a lot of money to streamers, how do you guys keep it all in perspective when it comes to reality ?

How different would your life be if you could choose just one thing off the top of your mind when choosing a costume?

Who's someone you'd do anything for, minor or major?

People with and without balls. Which is the happiest thing that you've ever seen from an and/or

Can I ask a question to someone I don't know?