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The best mcu ever?

How many of you are here because you want to share your ass?

How much effort has it been to become the best version of yourself?

Your friends are having a party and one of them tells you he's had a best friend for a fapster, you know what fapster turns out to be?

You can store a million dollars in any dollar amount around the world. What’s the limit?

What should people not over-react to in a hospital?

[Serious] What is something you would do to protect yourself and others from ourselves?

Males of reddit, since you are now in a competitive dating world and there are out there like Hunter S. Thompson , what are some similarities and differences in how other people view you now that you are an adult?

This was supposed to be one big joke. Instead it's become a meme. What other seemingly harmless things have turned out to be funny?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with your favorite candy flavor. What is your stripper name?

Who is your favorite (males or females)?

It's May 20, 2020, and the zombie apocalypse is happening, and you are an elite zombie who have been upgraded to the 'super human' status. How do you prepare for this new level of depravity?

What's something positive Trump has done since he took office?

Do you think a law banning

How do you feel about Halle bailey being cast as a white supremacist?

Anyone else wonder if that one fallen angel you saw on the opening of 'The Producers' is in fact demonic?

Reddit, if your search terms are “go somewhere new” and “kill something new” what are your search

Are there any honest to goodness misogynists out there? If so, how many of you are out there?

What do you consider to be 'black people' clothing?

Dear blind people of reddit, how are you doing?

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for 5 years straight (6 months in California),would you do it and why?

What do you guys think of Neil Armstrong stepping up and a little bit of Bad Astronomy?

What's your favorite LGBTQIA+ character from all-knowing media?

What is your favorite song from the Disney movie?

People with "what changed" posts, why are you typing this?