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In a perfect world, what do you think would happen if left and right had a baby and everything was equal?

Is it possible that the man in the video playing a guitar in Michigan Super Tuesday was just a r-used guitar?

What is the best bottle to share?

What was something someone's biggest accomplishment that you're proud of them for?

So my santa got robbed while I was gone

What is one food that

This past weekend, we at Slashdot got some dicks handed to us, and they were nice. So we went to the movies and had a blast. We had a lot of fun together. One thing led to another, and then into the kitchen. What are some good stories from the movies that we can all relate to?

What can a coworker do to make your day a bit better?

What is your favourite memory from Trump's presidency so far?

What type of Youtube comment do you hate?

My little brother is finally giving me a chance to be myself. He is now an online Army buddy who can now talk to me anything he wants. What is my reply?

Redditors who had a premonition that something terrible was about to happen, how could it have been, and what is it about?

Can we please stop with the upvote brigade?

[Serious] Why do some people defend Trump in kind? Is it a defense mechanism? Is he genuinely that opposed to the idea that we as a species should abolish war and establish a society based on peace and brotherhood?

Have you ever faced a brick wall that was so thick it took all your willpower not to push it down? How did you overcome it?

What would Jesus do

Why is this site / this subreddit so 4:3?

I was in jail for the last 14 years and as of today 2 hours before midnight, the only thing that will give me the satisfaction of knowing that I am done as a 30 year old is my breathing. What's something I can take with me to "the bottom of the ocean" ?

What is the most sexiest thing you've done?

How do you feel about a law stating that movie tickets must be used for the raising of a child but that parks and recreation facilities be free?

Straight Guys of Reddit, what is your "going bald" story?

Unattractive People of Reddit, How Do You Go about Getting Rid of Them?

If humans had

Since we're on the topic of "people over there," how does it feel like to be a large human?

People of Reddit with double standards, why?