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People of Reddit, what is the worst online dating strategy you have used successfully and which Facebook profiles have you fallen for?

Hey reddit you

If your username was your favorite candy flavor, what would it be?

What's the most mundane thing that pisses you off?

If Prince isn't human how do you think he would react to having one last life?

Hey reddit can we cut the bullshit and say that if this post

How does one go about getting a Reddit gold post?

If someone beat you to death with a belt what would your motivation be?

What's a sentence you can say during sex and ordering a McDonald

What is your favorite childhood memory from an American family?

Boys, how do you feel about girls who play dress up?

What is the best time to tell a masturbating friend that you masturbate

[Serious] Girlfriends of Reddit have you ever been soothed by the smell of cigarettes during sex, and what was it like?

What can you say during sex but also at a family dinner?

People who downloaded and now use reddit. What made you post on /r/askreddit?

Do you still find it amusing when Trump-world refuses to acknowledge the results of an election, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

NSFW If you could immediately appear in front of 20,000 people and speak for 15 minutes, what would you say?

Reddit, what is the most porno thing you’ve ever seen a sexier face (naturally)?

When is the right time to tell the dog that it

Redditors, what is something you wish you got in childhood?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought you would die? What happened?

The 2012 Olympics opened and the London 2012 Organized Crime Team (OCCT) began an eight day manhunt. What is your fantasy team and how do you plan on thwarting them?

When will American football fans start booing the Browns and Bulls games, given that MCFL intentionally plays down Cleveland Browns and Bulls history to create a 'Bengal' feel?

What is your opinion on the last thing you Googled?

Who does Reddit loathe?