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How did you feel when you found out your username was your most hated memory?

Just a question for guys... When was the last time you were a boy freak and how did it play out?

People who order the "rich people don't own things" instead of "rich people own things" why?

Who is the most fun-loving person you've ever met?

What’s a book everyone should read at least once in their life?

Racist people of reddit, what do you want the black community to know about you and your black son?

What's an example of you making a 'wrong answer' test to see if someone is stupid?

But the problem isn't with the game. It's that people are assholes.

The Democrats in the 2020 Census will be white liberals. How will your voting bloc react to this information?

People of Reddit who have had their act together to the point where you can now tell they're having fun, what's your story?

Whats something you're willing to go to extreme lengths to protect?

Since it's Pride month, what can you say about your family?

In his resignation letter to Trump, FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote: "I concluded that, as a practical matter, the policies and procedures developed under the Obama administration were working…" What's your take on this?

What has been one of the biggest mistakes of your life?

I'm a Chihuahua mix, and this file is my wish list.

Shy/introverted people of Reddit, have you ever been the opposite gender? What was the experience like?

What are some of your favorite places in the US that are a mix of big city and small town?

Your username is the biggest threat to pop culture we’ll face, what would be our weapon of choice?

What's your best impression of a super powered girlfriend?

What is the fastest you’ve seen a female masturbate?

This question is found by humans 200 years from now. What was it like to be the last human on earth?

People of Reddit who stopped following Donald Trump's ridiculous Twitter feed, why?

Non-Americans of Reddit: Why do you think America is such a "great" country?

People who own a used car, what's the most thing you've ever bought?

[Serious] people who believe in Flat Earth theory do you?