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People who tell everyone they speak English as a second language, why?

How do you think your death would be mourned?

What do you think would happen if Donald Trump were to become president?

People of Reddit you are placed in the Hunger Games and a bunch of other fkn gambit s**t hits the fan what do you do?

Hey Reddit, what is the most badass thing a friend of yours has ever done for you?

Blind People of Reddit, How are You Supposed to Live with Your Single Parents?

How many of us are reading this post and thinking to ourselves "Man this post was easy but I shoulda done a better job"?

[Serious] how come girls are more likely to give themselves nicknames like "little crab" or "clueless teenage girl" when they feel down?

On your show as a character, how would you present the scientific method

What is the best social/linguistic union?

Girls of reddit what is something guys really don’t understand about you?

Trump supporters of reddit, how are you feeling about his rash decision making and impulsivity?

What are the most blatant signs of cultural appropriation?

Yo gals, how many of you are reading this and joining in?

When many of us get super nerdy, you and I get super nerdy.

What do you think of Trump as the 45th POTUS?

What is the most fuck up-dealing/embarrassing thing your significant other has done?

People who moved to another country, what surprised you the most about life there?

What is the best way to start a blog?

What's something a lot of people think but don't say out loud?

What is something that is controversial, but is incredibly brave for what it's worth?

Thessalonica Jones

[SERIOUS] For the people that actually read anything on the internet, what is the biggest fuck up you've ever done?

What is the best thing to say as a corona?

What's the funniest story about your country that you love?