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Without naming it, what is your favorite person or thing to hate?

Which Character From All Time Is Your Favorite?

How do you feel about leggings?

What does it feel like to be number 1?

What do you think will happen in the next couple of months?

What is your racist family?

What is the best rule in the world?

[Serious] people that are unhappy with their current situation what would you do?

People who are against "Don't be assholes," why?

How do you guys find motivation to do something everyday so that you can achieve your goal of quitting smoking in 2 months?

Do you prefer a tall, dark, or a short-haired man? Why or why not

To the runners, what's something you do that helps you during a race but also helps you win more races?

Why do you support Left vs Right, instead of both/both/both?

why do you type so many times per day?

[serious] what’s something small that annoys you the most?

People with loose ends in their life, what’s the most surprising thing that has happened?

Adults of Reddit, have you ever thought you were gay? If so, what's the story?

You're a space pirate and your job is to keep as many people as possible prisoner on board the station as possible. What are your options?

Have you ever been in a "thing" that was actually meant to hurt you? If so, was it worth it?

For girls on reddit, what is the best penis to use for intercourse and why?

People who had their names changed to match a product, how well was it? Did the family members react with anything but mixed feelings?

What’s a movie you love, but would never put your sister through the torture?

Dear teachers of reddit what was the weirdest drama you have seen unfold while in school ?

Gamers of reddit, when

Furries of Reddit, have you ever been a "furry" and why?