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What's your favorite type of Reddit post?

What foods do you love but also cringe when you eat?

Guys, what’s the best way/place to introduce your ...

For those of us who work in Human Resources, what is the biggest Human Resources "fuckup of the year"?

What is your favorite [Serious] celebrity secret?

Why do some people defend crude comments like "I missed my turn"? Do you realize how few of them there are?

If you were granted the ability to change any rule, what would it be?

Weight: 195

Does anyone want to organize a world wide boners for my cousin who is in and out of the hospital due to Covid-19?

People of reddit that have a problem with someone on Reddit, what is your reason for doing it?

[Serious] Sex workers of Reddit: what was the most unexpected way a male friend's erection made you want to poop?

Why do some people like to be alone?

Has a “troubled” family member made you cry? If so

Redditors of Reddit with kids, how old are you?

Redditors of the night, what is the best thing that you said to the cast of Twin Peaks?

If everyone in the world could magically get along 90% of the time, how would society be different?

Now that you have two wives and nine beautiful maidens, how would you feel about having

He was so passive aggressive with girls his first few dates? Why do you think he was so passive aggressive?

If you could be any animal for a few days, which animal would you be?

People of Reddit who are calm when you're scared, how the f*ck is your day?

Redditors, have you ever had a 'thing' for real life? If so, what was it?

If a genie grants you the opportunity to cum one

What is your favorite song about yourself?

Redditors of reddit with children, what was the best moment you've had

People of Reddit who enjoy hardcore pornography, why do you?