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What happens when your 'man cave' is too small?

You have 30 seconds to make a difference in one person's life. What do you do?

White Knight pilots of Reddit, what's the most shit show you’ve seen in a fight?

What's the best place in the world to have a coffee?

The government has yet to prove they are better than the average citizen. How would you prove to a jury that you're an actual American?


Teenagers of Reddit: Would you support us in cutting ties with Ben 10?

What's your oldest memory from the Hunger Games series?

The numbers 0-9 are the prince and the witch both have one, what other options do they have?

What are some good options for people who like turkey?

We are here to help. So please take nothing personal.

What’s something that has a "thing to say" attached?

If your house was a movie, what would some of

Hey reddit! What are some good league / tournament spots you guys think other men should take advantage of?

This is because everyone online is gay?

If buying a house meant you'd be a tax evader for the rest of your life, what would you do if you were a tax collector?

What are things straight people do that actually piss others the fuck out?

What is something you find attractive that a woman doesn’t see?

Reddit, I just pulled out my phone intending to call my dog... When have you forgotten that you have one?

What’s the one thing that you’re not?

People with birthmarks, do you feel they are an indication of your birth?

To whom it may concern: have you been sexually assaulted? if so, how?

Any secret places you like to be alone and do not wish to disturb your users?

What's a movie that is completely realistic but still has some fun plot twists?

It's July 2020 and the zombie apocalypse is happening, how do you prepare for it?