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What are some of the problems your country has with mental health?

People of Reddit, how did you meet your childhood friends?

What does one memory from your childhood hold the most power in your mind and why?

Men of reddit: what's a great compliment to give out to a woman you met on OK Cupid?

People who work in cleaning, what’s so funny as a fact?

You are now the manager of virginity. How many orgasms do you give each day?

[serious] how do you get so many upvotes?

What would be good as a graduation present to the person you hate the most?

Have you ever been so engrossed in a story that your mind was racing so much that you actually DOWNVOTED the entire thing to make sure nobody missed it? If so, what happened?

People of Reddit, how has the /r/askreddit "AskReddit" post made you question your existence?

People of Reddit, what product/thing is safe to say in a job interview

2. Which character has a legitimately bad temper and is never bothered by anyone?

What does your family think when they find out you played it expecting it to be some other game?

How do you feel about "born this way" parents who let their kids grow up to be dumb as can be?

Cats, why do you think the dominant sex (S/he) gets so aroused?

How did a harmless inconvenience get so damn over the top complex?

If there was a company that did voice over work, what jobs would they have?

Police officers of Reddit: what are your personal stories from the riots?

People who were the last of the people on earth, what’s it like?

Trump said he's looked at Ben 10: Omnivore, Man and he's been like "you've got to be kidding me" what would it be?

Daughters of reddit, what was your first thought when you saw your first penis?

Transgenders, how does it feel having experienced sex from start to finish like a pro?

Why is this site so self righteous?

What is the best episode of a game show?

What would you do if your penis became a robot and took revenge on you by ripping off your clothes?