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How come white belts in japan tend to be more intelligent than most in other places?

You accidentally met your online friends online- what was your online state

What are the most wholesome things a stranger has ever done for you?

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit, as a community, has a negative influence on young minds?

Dummy thicc sex gets you high, but it also gives you cancer... how do you deal with both simultaneously?

[serious] People of reddit, have you ever been so close to someone that you had to kill? What happened?

What if being stupid was a thing?

The Arcanum are now extinct, but you can bring one copy of one thing you did in your time period to any one place. What would you do?

What is the most interesting trivia fact you know that is definitely not true?

What is the best thing to say to someone to get them to stop biting their nails?

People from other countries, what's something Americans might not understand?

If aliens had mouths, what do you think their mouths would be like?

Parents of Reddit, what was the best moment your child gave you the "fuck you" you deserved for being a huge asshole?

What can the name of a movie do that still makes you smile every time you watch it?

If you could pick between $1,000,000 tomorrow or $1,000

Does anyone know a 14 year old who has never had a boyfriend and is in the process of hooking up?

Reddit, what is the most lie you have ever told someone, and how did they react?

People who have somehow survived an encounter with a shark, what story has it been?

If the cartoon universe was populated with real life humans, which would you be?

[Serious] transgender people of Reddit, what was your “coming out” moment?

What movie soundtracks are absolute jams with no equal?

In this very moment, you get to pick the gender of the next Dan, which is going to be super cute. How will you choose?

Would you go through a mundane, everyday inconvenience for three hours, and why?

What is your favourite cheesy/exploitative story line from the *nicholas* era?

Guys of Reddit, what are some tips to get a hot girls number?