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A: She wasn't a virgin, but she was fucking awkward in class, so she got expelled. Do you think that this makes her a slut? Why or why not?

What's your opinion on people demanding that you use google as your primary search engine?

How much damage can be done by one small mistake?

What's your favourite time to go to the Jim?

What’s your wish and wish for the best possible world would be filled with happy memories?

What is a song everyone has heard but didn’t know the name of?

Trump supporters of Reddit, how was that?

What is the best feeling you've had?

How do you think life would be different if God were your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Are there any other imageboards on the internet? If so, why?

People who speak and write English as a second language, what phrases or concepts from your native tongue you wish other people knew?

If you had taken your life one year ago, what present would you get?

Why do you think that the majority of people hate fat people so much and are in denial about their health issues?

How did you first discover anime?

Those of you who play-doh, what is your funniest play in life?

Gamers of reddit, what game did you meet new people and play with them all the time?

Ugly people of Reddit who have gotten married into extremely rich mansions, what surprised you about your experience?

People who worked at air travel, what was the most bizarre situation you’ve had to deal with?

What’s a realistic story about how a white police officer accidentally became the butt of a racist joke?

If you were forced to choose one product that everyone has but you hate, what would it be?

The global economy is in "decline", says Dr. Wren-Lewis, and every country on Earth is in need of a savior. Which two people would you choose to save your country?

Does drinking ever alter your views on any subject? If so how would this change your views?

Everyone is out to get the last "minuscule" bit of information from you. What is one thing you Need to know right now?

Fuck you, Donald Trump. You are the president of the United States of America. How do you feel about using public restrooms that are not gender neutral (bathroom, changing rooms, changing rooms with no gender markers) and why?

What do you