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What should be a must-have app in every smart home?

Who is your favorite dead relative?

How do you guys feel about trump's attack dog?

Do you support increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour across United States? Why or why not?

What is something about your country that you're really proud of?

Gun enthusiasts of Reddit: what are your thoughts on the recent Las Vegas mass shootings?

As a Christian, how can I engage with

How would you feel about a feature where, when a friend accuses you of rape, you have to shout "LIAR!"?

What are some of the best video game adaptation of a novel?

Criminals of Reddit, how do you scheme around police?

What do you guys think of Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak?

What would you do if you found out your son is a homo sapien?

[serious] For those who still support Trump: why?

People who converted

People of Reddit who worked at bookies around the world, what was the craziest bet you ever seen?

The last thing you Googled something and were lost. What was it?

With all of the negativity going on,

So, what is the most '90s thing that you're proudest of?

[Serious] Male Hackers of Reddit, what is the WORST possible thing you have ever done to your SO?

D.C. is slowly turning into Outer Mongolia, what features would make it the perfect place to settle down?

Why don't you support Bernie and vote for Trump?

What’s a good way to start the New Year’s Eve shopping spree?

but I assume they also got mugged?

Hey reddit, what's the most badass you've ever been and what was it?

People of reddit who have put dogs in danger, explain how and why?