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What do you think about swearing in front of a mirror?

The cookie is invented and it tastes like heaven but one bite and you die. What is the most bizarre way you've

Back when it was first released in 1991, EarthBound was one of the best games ever made. What are your thoughts on it now?

What's the strangest thing that made you feel human?

The Catholic Church is refusing to have any celebrations, and they're spreading the word that anyone who doesn't believe in them, is an idiot. How can you celebrate Mass in a smart way?

[Serious] How come girls are more likely to make cliched "boys will be girls" mistakes?

[NSFW] People of reddit with grills, grill outdoors, grill inside, why?

How did you or someone you know become a villain?

Scientists of Reddit, what are some interesting, not-so-creepy, or downright idiotic experiments you’ve done?

People of reddit, what was the "first time" you ever had in a classroom?

You're alone in the middle of a alley, what item should a thug take that will help them the most?

If typing 'tik' on a phone booth was a game what would some loading screen tips be?

How do you guys feel about the Michael Vick case?

Nurses of reddit - what was the most fucked up scenario you’ve had to administer to someone?

[Serious] Why Do People Ignore the PMs, Especially from China?

What are the spookiest subreddit?

What song hit you the hardest and made you say

If you could pick one animal to have sex with as often as possible how would it sex you?

You have the ability to give anyone your phone number, what would you give her and what would you call her?

People who started threads in /r/AskReddit asking what it's like to be you today?

You’re 22 and your bf says that you are


You’re dating a beautiful girl, you are invited to dinner at her house, and she knows you are drunk, so how would you spend your remaining time together after work?

What are some drawbacks to pornography?

Dr.Fauci is an Italian-Italian who has a "fur the fauci" style about him. What is the best possible response to this?