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What's a song that most people have never heard of but if you listened to all the way through it would become pretty epic?

What do you think about Porcupines, or Good Will Hunting?

[Serious] What are some strong female characters in your opinion?

You won't find a whole lot of money involved in cleaning up, but finding a group home alone with someone (a "friend") who actually cares about you is going to be a real eye-opener.

Is Homosexuality an Issue in the United States Military? Why or why not?

What’s the scariest thing you’ve done and would do again?

When will it be safe to upload “somethings got posted on Imgur” posts?

Former Trump supported who voted for him in 2016: Do you still support him? Why or why not?

Men of reddit, what’s something important you think women should understand about being a man?

People who’ve started talking in their sleep, why?

There are currently four known viruses to parrot and avian species (including the huge one that was responsible for the mans rubbery ass) - Two of them are causing havoc in popular culture, one is causing havoc in your industry, what name will be the other two?

What's the best compliment a stranger gave you?

How did you ever decide that you wanted to be a cop?

What are some of the best lines in anime?

Who is one famous person that really stands out from all the rest?

Forget remaking animated movies into live action, what

Police Officers of Reddit, have you ever had a situation where a crazy person decided to commit a violent crime? If so what was the outcome?

Hiring managers of reddit, what's the best way to market yourself to employers?

What’s something a lot of people love but you actually hate?

How would you feel about a "nigga why the f*ck did you do that" contest to see who can draw the biggest bangs in the world?

[serious] what's the worst experience you've had online?

Those who still support trump, why?

What’s a great movie you loved as a child but don’t think is as good as it was as an adult?

People of reddit that work in the food industry, what is the biggest fuck up you have seen from an ordered and human being ?

What's the most abuse you've experienced in a family?