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What would you like to see in a Hillary Clinton presidency?

Parents of reddit, what is the most "us" thing your child has ever done?

Why do we protest CEO salaries but no one talks about professional athlete salaries?

Every single bird in the sky turns into a fridge and falls at this moment, what are you doing to prevent this?

Nixon apologists: When did you start to take Nixon's side?

If Disney had a mascot which didn’t exist, what character would have the biggest screwup?

When someone dies do you feel bad for them? Why or why not?

What do you think of the recent BLM protests? Should they be more about economics and less about religion?

What's your opinion on this sub?

People who were in porn, what did you do?

What are signs of self-awareness for a person with an eating disorder?

How do you feel about free speech and the fact that we can disagree but we must obey the same rules regardless of how we feel about it?

What are some nerdy facts you know that may be of use to others?

How would you feel about a law that requires parents who opt out of having their kids participate in blood drives to also opt out of having their kids's sex lives monitored?

People who haved worked on TV shows or movies, what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?

More men have come forward to accuse TV characters of sexual harassment, movies of rape, and games of homo sapiens inventing new weapons? How do you feel about this?

What do you get when you replace one person with multiple people from a show/movie/games?

What’s the worst place where your parents were separated?

To the Jehovah's Witnesses: why do you keep kids in pairs and why not leave them the freedom to roam at your own pace with the help of a mentor?

What would your last words be before you passed?

Without saying the title, what is a movie that is actually terrible?

What does Redd

Ladies what games are you upvoting/anticipating the most on /r/AskReddit ?

What is one TV show that has both entertained and been detrimental to our society?

Furries of Reddit, what is the most inappropriate thing you've ever done?