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Hey reddit, what’s a short, sweet comeback that guys will always make to your comment?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a sociopath(ASPD diagnosed)? If so, is it a psychologically healthy relationship?

I was in a real life fight today with my parents over something that they didn't realize was a thing. They were like "oh you're Reddit" but they also didn't realize what it was. What is the most deadly thing a parent could say while being simultaneously shocked and amused?

Redditors who speak English as a second language

What did someone do that made you say, “all lives matter”?

What did your crush do that absolutely, positively, killed it?

Why do some people get so mad when I use the N-word?

Dear pregnant women, what is something you want to tell your baby but can never tell him?

What is the most iq-like vehicle you’ve ever driven?

Redditors with a photographic memory, what was it like on the inside?

What are some things you are proud to be 4chan?

Reddit, what is the most wholesome thing you have ever done for money?

What is one thing a lot of YouTubers do that are actually really good?

What do you find in your bedroom?

What is your favorite "Cock Rock" song?

People who download porn and stop before it gets to a point of no return, why do you do it?

The supreme crime in the world is: not being able to have sex with whoever you want because someone was around to help you. How do you prove your sexual worth?

You are lying in the grass, the sun is up, and you are offered 10,000,000$, to let someone else beat you senseless with their own phone; can't refuse. What do you do?

Some people need breathing space. Some people need ice cream. What do you guys have that others don't?

How would you feel about having a

[serious] People of Reddit who had a premonition that something terrible was about to take place and then it actually happened what is it about (be it tragedy, war, or other)?

What is the best way to pass your time in this pandemic?

Cops of reddit, how can you be so sure?

What’s the funniest story about an imaginary friend that you know?

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