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People with big dreams, what are you

Since switching to clean eating style what are some wholesome things to eat that are good for you physically and mentally?

If a movie had a scene where we see a preview of the final product, what would that scene be?

What would you call a person that likes to eat human meat?

People of reddit, have you ever been in a "crazy" situation and someone helped you? If so, what happened?

For those of you who like the feel of rubber, what is the best type of rubber to use?

What were the 'good' things about your childhood?

If the 2012 Olympic Games started right now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, what games would you be most excited to see take part?

Lawyers of Reddit, what's the best way a family member has handled a crisis like this?

Your poor life is turned into a hit movie. Everyone in the movie gets an extra life but you only get one. How well will you do in that marathon?

How are you feeling today, you handsome swag?

What happens if your date goes terribly wrong and you both have to go to the hospital?

Reddit, if you will, one day become a "Twitch" with 30,000,000 unique subscribers. What will you do with these 30,000,000,000,000?

If you were immortal and couldn't get injured/sick/miserable/insecure/bad/in any way, how would you ensure that this never happens again?

[Serious] ex-Trump haters: when did you

Those who grew up with old parents, how did it affect your childhood?

What’s the best evidence for natural selection?"

What's the hardest decision you've ever had to make?

What is your favorite porn scene?

You are about to be cloned, but first you have to have sex with the original you. What do you do?

how much did you pee today?

Non-Americans, what has been the most interesting case of racism you have been involved in?

People who are racists, why?

What are some insane shit we lost sight of as a kid?

The last piece of equipment you bought can now be yours. What is it?