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What's your favourite sob story you know?

Oh boy. After locking eyes with Jenova for so long, finally catching her eye, Harrison and Cass have sex and it's like magic. Wow. What was that like?

Your favourite song is played for you and it's called howdy dawdy?

You just got an offer for $600K but to collect it

What's the most boring thing your mind has ever done to you?

People with birthmarks on your body: how has your right hand changed since you had them and how can I contact you?

People reposting, what are your gfs doing to correct those reputations?

What is the fastest you’ve seen a customer service representative do?

How would you feel about a tattoo shop where you can buy designs on your skin?

If you could add or remove any quote from the entire star wars saga (ending with THE LAST AIRBENDER) what would it be?

The movie "Taken" is rated PG-13, meaning it’s allowed to use one F-bomb. How would you feel about letting the movie use another F-bomb?

Is it true that you were approached by an alien and she said you were the only one left on the planet? If so, what was the encounter like?

If you were being hunted, how would you react?

what are your favorite anime and manga that are not actually that much fun to watch?

[Serious] People who strongly believe that Earth is a 6th planet, what evidence do you have to support that claim?

Redditors, what are you thinking of the name change to 'r/atheism'.

If ejaculating became a sport, what would be the limiting factor for everyone else?

People of reddit with good eyesight (lens detail is better than your ability), what is one thing that makes you question your ability?

What is a song everyone has been listening to for years and then forgot about - but you still love?

It's the year 2100 and the term "Next Big Thing" is trending. What is it?

What's a good starter activity for a teenager to get used to?

What are some great subreddits you're subscribed to?

What is the best non-sexual way to relax yourself?

People who have actualy had sex with a family member, how was that experience?

What must have been “cliché” you’ve ever seen played on someone?