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What movie was easy on the ear but is extremely

You suddenly get +1 intelligence, everything else is just a bonus. what do you do?

What's the most fascinating thing you ever saw?

What is your favorite coconut?

How do you guys feel about Frozen?

Non Americans, what would be some things the government should do to better protect Americans from "Second-Class Citizens" like yourself?

Here's a question for people who still support Trump. If the last thing you felt was what it felt like to have that one extra click on your mouse, what was it like?

People who plead guilty to stupid shit like assault, do you feel bad? Why, or why not?

You're 20 and you accidentally unleashed a worst version of yourself on the world. You are trapped in your original body but you have all the knowledge and tools of your new body. How do you go from there?

Your username is your superpower. What is your

People that molest small children, how do you look like now?

What movie had the best opening five minutes ?

Redditors of Reddit, what is the most overrated movie of all time?

What’s the most destructive thing a court has ever done to another country?

You are in the bus, the next song is "all you need is me / a hint of weed", what is the hint?

[Serious] How much time do you think we waste on legal jargon, explaining grammar mistakes, and generally being assholes?

What do you think about breastfeeding from the bottle?

What’s the best toy ever?

Dear Jerrys, we are officially officially officially fathers. (Insert Supper School/Dinner School/whatever else you feel like referring to it)

What's the best way you'd kill yourself?

What’s the most “are you really that stupid” thing your friend did?

[Serious] What are the scariest episodes of South Park?

People who got into real life combat situations, what happened?

[SERIOUS] Which non-threatening, everyday skill can be turned on someone with the right motivation?

What do you think about White Knight?