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Reddit, what is something you wish your parents would teach you as a kid?

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) meets this Wednesday at 2pm CST to discuss the state of the universe and what new regulation scheme can best serve humanity. What are your thoughts?

Fancy a quick pee?

Why would you vote for Donald Trump?

What would the date be 20 years from now?

What was the best drug you've ever tried?

[Serious] People who got into serious trouble with the law for being blamed for something you didn't do: what happened?

What was the most sexiest thing you ever did?

Dear japanese who were raised by an alien, what is it like outside of the house?

For those who watch streams of themselves playing video games, what is that stream doing in your head?

What would you do if you found out that your internet was being used to spy on you?

To people who say "Make America Great Again," when was it 'Great'?

What's your favourite vintage movie that you thought was hilarious until you saw the actual movie?

People who were taught to drive,

Redditors, who have a passion for a song, what is it?

Hey bald people of reddit, what is the weirdest day you've had?

What are some things that straight people do to be gay?

What software does Treasure Map: Sol Trader use?

Redditors with wacky family, what is your favorite "Yahaha" moment?

What’s something that is popular in the media but is completely untrue?

What are some signs of cultural appropriation?

Why do girls make the stupid gender-specific jokes/commentaries, even when it's blatantly obvious that they're wrong?

Who Was The Most Badass Sex Character You've Ever Decided To Play?

MARK KARLIN: The celebrated Mark Lawrence line about Australia?

How do you feel about an iq/soj team iq?