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Who is the best kind of person?

What's the most trauma-filled short story you've ever read?

Former Gang Members of Reddit, what’s the most brutal thing you’ve witnessed on the streets?

You're a space pirate, trying to steal as many exotic food items as possible while avoiding human contact. What's your plan?

In honor of the apocalypse, What’s the name of your favorite movie?

Whats the most racist thing a cop has ever said to you?

Transgenders, how does it feel like having experienced both male and female anatomy? Do they feel the same?

What are some basic knowledge gaps in the modern world?

People who have seen a family member having sex, what’s your story?

I was at my nephew’

Your girlfriend is having a hard time with your obsession, what should she do?

What were the “you weren’t supposed to see that” moments that made you cry like, or think about killing yourself?

Is there any doubt that you are the age where everyone looks 30 and everything is normal?

What's the best time to tell a transgender person that they are beautiful but don’t show them the transgender bathroom paper

What are your thoughts on the concept of a 5 year plan?

What are you doing to stop procrastinating?

Men of Reddit, what was the moment that finally made you say “this is how I'm going to die”?

Men of Reddit, what are some signs of Underage Attraction and how do you deal with it?

People who wrote the post in question, have you guys ever considered moving on and ending it? If so, what was it?

How would you feel about getting rid of boring patent laws?

Those of you who live in Wyoming.... what's it like?

People of Reddit who have broken up with their partners, how did it go?

What's something you can say during sex and also at church?

What would two-headed dog that is what you 2-headed dog be?

Is It Still Safe to Date a Porn Star?