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But honestly, I was pissed that I had to go through the hassle of bringing my own water bottle.

What's your favorite child's moment where you got an “oh I got you”

Is 2020 the year the world ends? Why or why not?

What was a “weird” childhood experience that made you question everything you believed?

What's a skill everyone should learn?

What did a dream have that you actually had?

Not only that, but what's the best drink ever ?

Dear Reddit, are you sad that you wont be able to see how happy everyone else is with this sub?

How do you feel about Red Bull mashing its mascot into a milkshake?

You can turn into any object, what would be the worst choice?

What are your thoughts on the concept of 'grey goo'?

[Serious] Redditors who liked a certain subreddit, why?

How can a country as advanced as the US allow themselves to be enslaved by another country's people?

Teachers of reddit: what is the most stupid thing a student has done during lesson?

If your doctor told you that you had cancer and it was terminal, what would you do?

How do you guys feel about the name Brandon?

People who prefer not to use emojis, why

People who write “this” instead of “sorry,” what are your best moments in the paper?

Welcome to the Sorcery Shop!

[Serious] People of Reddit, are you

How do you feel about polyamorous couples having multiple wives/wives/boyfriends/whatever else is allowed in your country?

What's the most illegal thing a police officer has ever done to you?

Would you stop dating an otherwise amazing person if you found out he or she won’t eat cereal with water what would you do?

Dear Americans, what are your thoughts on the name "

With everything going on right in terms of pandemic, economic and otherwise, what are some good memes to pass the time whilst keeping positive about life?