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Sex workers of Reddit, have you ever had a male friend and what was it like?

How would you feel about a feature in life or in movies where the bad guy always has the coolest gun?

whats the funniest shit u saw at a party going on in 2010?

If the universe is hosting a universe fair, what 3 items would you bring?

Porn Actors, how does it feel like backstage? Do you have handlers to ensure that this won't escalate to

What's something a lot of people think you CAN do but are afraid you will get embarrassed or disappointed?

What are some creepy things that you are actively afraid of?

Do NON-Americans really expect shoplifters and shopmates to be experts at different things, and if they do they expect to be discriminated

You’re a burglar, but instead of stealing things, what do you leave at home?

People of Reddit with wavy hair, how has that been going lately?

What was the best memory you can give to your childhood?

Who was this fat girl's crush and what was it like?

Folks who

As a lesbian, I wanted to marry a boy, but there was no penis/vagina, so I went online and found someone who felt the same as me and they're in our first relationship. How did this experience change your life?

What do you think about middle fingers up?

What is the most NSFW thing you've ever posted to /r/askreddit ?

Why can't some people bring

What is the best quote you can think of from

People who've won arguments with their parents , explain to them how you learned to fight and what won?

If you had the ability to immediately give $1 to anyone who asks in a restaurant with you, would you do it? Why or why not?

If a person confessed to you that they took drugs to force family secrets, how would you react?

What are some mildly annoying stray dog after-effects that you personally face?

What is a song everyone has heard but just doesn’t know the name of?

To everyone who has seen my brother's blue's a baby blue dress. It's perfectly fitting for a family.

Why do liberal arts majors get the best grades?