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Someone once said "Reading is believing, but experiencing is believing every word?" How would your life be different if every single letter was written specifically for you?

These were the 4 songs I dropped off as a newborn. Which one do you think is the best?

A simple way to say "go f*cker yourself" is to have sex with your username. What are your f*cked up username combinations?

What did you think was funny until you read the caption ?

Why can't we just agree that we're all idiots, and if anyone can offer an insightful opinion on the current events that are breaking the divide in this country, let us know?

Males of Reddit, if you were to marry an opposite sex version of your self (whom would it be) what would your customs be?

What are some good pre-bought video game guns to have a gun fight with?

In a fit of rage, I grabbed a rock and started smashing stuff. Then I calmly walked up to a group of people, sat down, and started talking. The people around me started laughing and one guy next to me started talking too. What should have I done?

What is your working knowledge of the Amish?

But the real question is, "How come people still hang on to stupid old TV shows and movies even when the content is so much better than the previous installment?"

What are some gifts a Santa should always give to his or her bridesmaid?

What was the funniest story your parent/teacher/role model was involved with?

In a fight of you vs. nature, what would you choose?

What would you want for your birthday, something simple yet profound, something no one can claim is impossible?

Does milk have calories? How much does a quart contain?

What questions do you wish people would just chill with you?

What could someone who doesn't wear a watch suggest?

What was a “we didn't start the Fire” story that started in your family?

People who are voting for 2020, why?

What is one thing you're incredibly proud of as a man?

Men, what’s the most gender-neutral way a girlfriend has shown you affection?

How did you celebrate your 25th birthday party?

Ladies of Reddit, what is something we can all agree on?

How would you feel about a law stating that kids 12 and under’reporters’ are illegal aliens and shouldn't be protected?

He was a snow job, but what other jobs need people to have in order to make ends meet?