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This is our official statement on the Neo-Nazi groups that are flooding college campuses across the US. Read the full statement here:

What was the funniest thing a police officer has ever said?

What are some of the creepiest animal-related facts you know?

What is your favourite porn scene and why?

What would be the coolest sex you ever had?

[Serious] what's the most fucked up thing your parent/teacher/

Dear people of reddit, have you ever faced a carrot as a child? If so what did you do?

When do you remember your first Period?

What’s the best way/place to come out as the pro-life advocate that you’re?

If you could see Donald Trump twerk as

Redditors, what is something we can all do to be better friends?

What message would you give to a girlfriend if you were in their presence?

What's an 'all too common' mistake white people make that blacks, despite having black friends, find difficult to understand?

Dear redditors, what's your oldest memory from 8 years ago?

You are transported to the year 2050 and can switch any muscle you want. What do you choose to make yourself look good?

Redditors who actually went to the trouble

The future of the Earth and all life on it is in the balance, how do you feel about the idea of ending it all and making way for a new one?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the best excuse an 8 year old made to not learn in class?

What's the dumbest thing you ever did to try and impress a woman?

What are some cool non-sexual things that you think a lot of people don’t realize are cool?

I'm an alien from outer space and this is my first time at

Which book fucked you up the most?

If you found out your twin sister is an alien and you and only you have the technology to repopulate the universe with the same species, how would you use this technology?

Redditors with attractive children, what’s a sensible, helpful child you have?

Why is it that people on reddit seem to hate on LA so much and yet they have such high hopes