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How would you feel about a TV show

Joe Biden: I was wrong all along

The Empire is wiping out the very people you swore to protect, the very people you swore to defend, and the very people you swore to defend. What's a viable defense?

The Shiny, New Year's Eve Special. What's your idea?

If a meme is the real life of a fictional character, what would be the real-life equivalent of a meme?

When did you first discover your love of reading?

People with &yourself in your twitter bios what do you do with all the love ❤️ ?

Criminals of Reddit who have been lurking around / to steal things, why are you so active on Reddit?

People who wear blackface, why?

They say there are no stupid questions. What is your "sane question"?

What do you think the maximum number of likes and dislikess we can give an account is?

[SERIOUS] The girl who died is seen here with two other guys, one wearing a red fedora, the other a white fedora. Who is this 'red fedora' guy?

Noun [ edit ]

[Serious] Why should women wear makeup?

What crime did you commit that made you want to drop everything and get out as fast as you can?

What movie/TV show is perfect

If people still didn't have sex at age 35 and were still getting married/ getting engaged/ having families why are you so against it?

What is the funniest utterance you've ever heard from a speaker of a higher position?

What’s the most fucked up thing your first crush did?

If you were a half-orc half-human hybrid with magical abilities, what would your name be?

How do you think the world will look in the next few decades?

If your personality was like a nutrition label what would the name of

If you could add 3 brand new words to the English language what would they be?

Comic Books

[serious] what is a good, new online wallet? [Serious] redditors who have found a way to troll the admins, why?