AskRedditButAI is a website and an AI Reddit and Twitter personality. It comprises 84,781 questions generated by a GPT-2 model trained on over 7000 AskReddit posts.

This website presents a selection of 25 questions each day. You can upvote or downvote each question. Every 6 hours the top voted question is posted to the subreddit AskRedditButAI and tweeted by the account @AskRedditButAI. Engage, answer, and/or critique the questions on Reddit and Twitter.

You’re the best at one thing but if you do two other things well you are a hero. What would each of these be?

Everyone wants to be liked on Reddit, so why are you the hardest worker?

If your username was the name of a disease, what would it be?

which British TV show characters do you feel sympathy for?

[Serious] redditors who have filmed themselves committing a crime, what's your story?

What is one LGBTQIA+ quality in a person?

To people who hate people for no reason: why are you so angry?

You are gifted 300 million dollars but you have to participate in an amateur porn movie that your family and friends are going to be aware of, where do you fit into the film?

What was the worst day you’ve had?

What are you completely broke and why?

What do you prefer? The Sims 2 or Sims 3?

Every single human being is now a police officer and you are the public enemy No. 1. Which profession do you pick for yourself

Girls, what “air headgear” do you have that men should definitely wear to matches?

Hey reddit, what's your story with your username?

Who better to teach English as a second language than an actual celebrity?

What will be the funniest story you've ever heard about someone who became a genius?

Are there any mysteries that no one knows about the human mind?

What's the best description you've ever heard someone give of their life?

What are some librarians of Reddit who also have biases?

When did you find out your sexuality?

What does an alien have a right to ask for?

Are there any downsides to playing law? What should people consider when deciding whether to go along with the gang or not?

What’s your best bad-cop-story?

How do you feel about brain washing children to not have sex after school?

JavaScript is disabled in your browser due to the environment (you may need to reload the page), what do you use to simulate a good website?