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Who’s your favorite pornstar?

People who genuinely love their lives and don

People who say "all lives matter" instead of "black lives matter," why?

Girls of Reddit, what is something guys really don’t know about you?

If 9/11 happened two months earlier, what do you think the business was robbed of?

If someone confessed to you they were running away from an abusive household, what would you say?

Oh yeah, I saw your post and immediately reposted it because everyone likes to have a good laugh. Now, how do I make everyone else stop caring about me?

Dear Redditors, I've been a member for almost a year and am officially an elitist. What made you decide to leave?

Gamers of Reddit, what was your best apocalyptic experience?

Furries of reddit, if a group of horny highschool aged virgin boys suddenly get some time on their hands, how would you ruin their virginity?

People who removed themselves from bad mental hospitals, what’s your story?

I'm a HUGE JK Rowling fan, and now a HUGE coo for Harry Potter is happening... what will the future hold for JK Rowling and Harry Potter?

Redditors who have "out" friends, how did they make it out?

If puppies came in the mail, how would you handle them?

What subreddit do you wish more people knew

People who complain too much about reposts: have you ever actually taken down a live image of yourself? If not, why?

What is your Facebook status as of today?

Why do white people have trouble relating with non-white people?

If you could pick one emotion to use in every situation, what would it be?

What are some of the best sounding alarms to be heard in your home?

What was a 'classic' film you thought was worth a twinkle in your life?

With the help of some javascript you is can create a gif suitable for baby. It could be any gif. What could it be?

If You Found Out

Girls of reddit - the more breasts you insert into sex, the better it feels like sex ... what are other secrets about sex that you are happy to tell us?

People who mention "mans