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Fellow travellers of reddit, what is your worst sock story?

When the kids ask you how you're feeling, just say, "I'm fine." Then tell them how you're feeling, what's your attitude, anything. Forgot the exact wording.

Translators and translators of Reddit, what was the most fucked up thing a cisgender guy said to you?

What movie is easy to make laugh out loud but also very serious?

What other things are you too young to fully understand?

What's the most meaningful thing you've heard from a stranger?

What about Rapture is scariest to you?

What is something a lot of people love but

LGBTQIA+ Folk of Reddit, How Long Have You Known and Loved Them?

What are some subreddits you don’t use and would never use again?

People who found random items in their yards, what was it?

I'm a racist.

I was in a Taco Bell with two other people and a cop and they made fun of me for being a boy, so I made a fake pair of panties out of cardboard and called them "cakey panties" did I look like a real girl?

People with birthmarks on your body... How did you feel when you got it cut ?

What were your best times as a child because you were the only child and there were no friends?

Do you guys notice when we complain about reddit ? Why don’t you?

[Serious] why are you sorting by new?

Yo, what’s the strangest coincidence you’ve ever personally experienced?

Your username is your cause of death, how will you die?

Actors, what was an audition where you broke character and immediately became the most despicable person you have ever been?

What song would have the biggest "fuck you" finale?

You're suddenly Donald Trump's secretary. What new errand boy duties do you set him up with?

Why do some video games have loading screens so eager players can immediately get into game?

What if there was a superhero who could fly through the air and fight crime?

Couples of Reddit, what is the best thing a girl could have done that you didn’t?