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What is your favorite little thing that can be made a meme?

Gamers, what's your best gaming story?

Autopsy doctors of Reddit, what was the worst thing that you witnessed while being sedated?

People who keep asking 9/11 first thing in the morning, why?

Which Cartoon Character had the Best Physique and why?

Without telling the title, what's your favorite superhero story?

The results of the 2016 presidential election will be released on November 8th,

To the folks who've built 'em: why?

What are you NOT going to do this off-season?

People who drive large trucks, why?

The rate of humans reproducing is directly proportional to the rate at which we kill other humans. How do you think the world would change if everyone on earth was homo sapien?

What was the most awkward thing your parents did?

Why the Fuck Can't We All Get Along?

What is the best question you've ever got from a friend?

People with penises, what's it like to have one in the bedroom

From now on all the drawings we do are lava drawings and everything is going to be great. Will be fine?

How come redditors are so adamant about finding the kid with the biggest lobster in the world?

Redditors of Reddit, when did you have a close friend or anyone you know fall in love with you?

You are given a billion dollars if you catch a bus back to earth but you have to travel

What exactly is your opinion on new atheists?

Possibly involving murder. Do you have any ideas?

What's the perfect escape?

The bat-movies are retold and re-watched years later as adults, what if they did the same with the slash-and-burn comic book characters?

What did your crush do that was so messed up?

American Express is planning to open up branch in Hong Kong, and charge a fee of HK$1 to use it, is this a good thing or a bad thing?