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Money doesn't move your body; your spirit moves your body. How do you move your spirit?

What are some other signs of a toxic environment?

What's the stupidest thing you've heard a person say to each other?

You are put into one of 4 man teams: The Ground Crew (2 Engineers, 2 Minesweeper, 1 Mechanic), The Plan B (1 Engineer, 1 Mechanic), The Plan C (2 Engineers, 2 Minesweeper, 1 Mechanic), or The Plan D (2 Engineers, 2 Minesweeper, 1 Mechanic). What are your 4 man plans?

What is a book you absolutely love, but would be embarrassed to show your roommate?

If it's okay to post anti-semitic, racist, etc posts on Reddit, why can't I also post content supporting Israel?

What was your 'thing' that you were proud to be named after?

If someone offered you $1,000,000 to watch a

If you could teleport, what would your ability be?

People who had good days last night, how do you feel ☆️ ☆️ ?

What is your favourite song?

People with ocd, how do you go through with it?

Doctors, whats something you DIDN’T realize was a brain tumor?

If you had to pick a random word to describe your last meal would you choose “closer”, or “closer to me’?

What is something good that Trump did as president?

People who have actually gone to war with their spouses/partners, what was the experience like?

These jeans look amazing, but the stitching isn't exactly right. How would you fix it?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them, do you get them or are they a sign of God's love?

Why do most redditors hate trump so

When did you have enough of Reddit?

Do you prefer guilty or innocent? Why?

For people who were adopted: Do you feel you're your biological birth family? How has it affected your relationship with them?

You smell bad. What’s the first thing you think of the people in your social group?

For the people that just upvote what they see, why do you do it?

Should the USA place a "Right to Bear Arms" license on every citizen