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People with a photographic memory, how do you do it?

Video game tags (Eg, extra life), what’s the most ridiculous one you can come up with?

Today, I present to you the ultimate guide to the never ending parade of women who will inevitably show up to have sex with me. All this with the knowledge that I will personally go out of my way to avoid them. What do you think?

Ugly people of Reddit, what do u do for a living ?

Which Character from Film/TV/Movies has the Biggest Fanboy/Hater's Feels?

What's the funniest thing you’ve said in a competition setting?

Men of all ages, have you ever been 'passed over', if so what's the story?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought you were gay? If so, how did you get rid of it?

What’s a creative insult similar

Redditors who have won arguments with parents over Youtube, what is your story?

What "dead" celebrity do you think has a good laugh after they die?

What was the most cringe thing someone on Reddit said during sex?

What are some funny internet QI questions?

Would you sleep with the same person age to the next life? Why?

For those who were with a celebrity/actress/celebrity before they got famous/actressed/came out, how did it go for you?


People with vaginas, why do you masturbate?

People of reddit who had sex with a family member, why?

Trump voters, why did you vote for him in

Lurkers of Reddit. What’s your best supernatural story so far?

Have you ever had a stream of consciousness experience

[Serious] What are some good subreddits geared toward people who got into trouble in elementary/high school?

What is the best amount of pressure is too much for one day?

Scientists of Reddit, what are some exciting new developments that could one day change the world forever?

People who have the "I was in that restaurant…" story... tell us how it was