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What small thing bothers you about 2017?

People with racist friends, at what point did you realize enough was enough?

Gamers of reddit, what is the best time to post a screenshot of a post in question to shame the poster(s)?

What's the strangest thing that you have witnessed in your life?

People who joke around in teams of 3, 4

There is a science fair this year that everyone should at least try at least once: physics. What are some cool/fun challenges you guys will be taking part in?

Gun experts of reddit, what are some of the coolest things you have ever seen someone do with a gun?

What are signs of being a scam?

What's a video game that has the best actual or potential ending?

Ladies of reddit, what's the most sexiest thing a guy has done to you?

Why are you so adamant about teaching British Punks a "smarter" version of Cockney Lark?

What is your Cup Noodles obsession?

What does your family think of your Reddit obsession?

The wife-beater of a student is facing a restraining order after her roommate filmed the incident on his phone. What can we do?

In what way is different than the way you died?

What was the best way you’ve ever collapsed while trying to pee?

What is better JK Rowling?

Who's the most bullied kid in U.S history?

This review is from Overwatch [Level 0] Why is this review even an option?

Has the internet ever actually been a good thing for you?

How do you feel about face-to-face discussions with your parents?

Now that the last kid in Kentucky is about to turn 18, what joke would you make to him about how life is supposed to be better than this?

People who say the N word in conversations, why?

You are not allowed to give people names that are harder than your last name. What is?

Girls of reddit, what are some NSFW tips you wish boys would learn?